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B2B Saas Market Revenue Growth Services

bEffective’s services help your SaaS business achieve revenue growth of average 169% revenue growth and up to 30% less costs.


Developing Your B2B SaaS' Innovative Blueprint

Revenue Growth Blueprint Audit

Delivers a comprehensive, systematic and focused analysis of your SaaS business and its revenue growth strategy, both internal and external.

What you get:

  • Assess implementation of ’emerging best practices.’
  • Review existing standard operating procedures.
  • Report necessary strategy modifications.

What it does for your business:

  • Establish clarity with your innovative blueprint.
  • Outline all actions aligning daily with your blueprint.
  • Build in means for expecting the unexpected.

Market Research Audit

Produces evidence to support your informed decision-making in creating, growing and driving your innovative blueprint.

What you get:

  • Identify “sweet spot” or ideal target market.
  • Specify your ideal customer profile(s).
  • Determine their purchase decision process.

What it does for your business:

  • Establish size, growth rate & existing share.
  • Uncover hidden growth opportunities.
  • Verify how to engage, execute and close.

Sales Strategy Review

Investigate gap between actual annual numbers achieved and expected outcomes.

What you get:

  • Differentiate between strategy modification versus  establishing better execution.
  • Scrutinize ‘best practice’ engagement factors.
  • Explore sales support set up and feedback.

What it does for your business:

  • Break down market problems to address into smaller problems and solutions faster.
  • Analyze balance between outcomes & resources.
  • Determine innovative routes to market.
2. DO

Driving Your Customer Experience Toward Expected Outcomes


Fill the funnel with real sales opportunities.  The funnel is filled 30% by marketing and 70% by sales.

What you get:

  • Set up standardized prospecting process used by all.
  • Establish resources necessary for success.
  • Define qualifying metrics.

What it does for your business:

  • Uncover ideal customer leads.
  • Qualify better quality leads faster and within budget.
  • Improve lead to opportunity conversion ratio.

Selling Professionally

Your SaaS business’ sales professional is the tip of your sword or focus in the market as well as # 1 source of business intelligence on the market.  They are intra-preneur expanding out one aspect of your revenue growth methodology.

What you get:

  • Ascertain necessary sales character traits.
  • Shape the art of sales soft skills.
  • Monitor sales best practices.

What it does for your business:

  • Improve # 1 asset perfectly attuned to your plan.
  • Achieve accurate and predictable forecast.
  • Expand up and cross sell opportunities.

Sales Operations

Reinforce often underfunded but the most strategic sales function in a revenue growth organization.

What you get:

  • Improve sales operations’ support of the sales team.
  • Augment onboarding and revenue per sales.
  • Investigate performance gap and existing systems.

What it does for your business:

  • Improve customer acquisition and life time value.
  • Boost productivity of existing and new sales.
  • Balance flow, processes and systems to boost ROI.

Account Management Development

Understand the playing field completely and what’s tactically needed to play.  The playing field was previously outlined strategically in your innovative blueprint.

What you get:

  • Where is the growth going to come from.
  • What are your ideal target accounts accordingly.
  • How will you approach your ideal customer.

What it does for your business:

  • Establish the action steps needed to make your #’s.
  • Rank accounts best to worst on potential to buy.
  • Understand your ideal customer’s buying process.
3. Review

Knowing Your B2B SaaS business Is Succeeding?

Score Keeping Design

Strong performance management rests on the simple principle that “what gets measured gets done.”

What you get:

  • Goals Must Be Clearly Defined.
  • Feedback Must Be Frequent and Appropriate.
  • Rules Don’t Change in the Middle of the Game.

What it does for your business:

  • Creation a culture of appropriate feedback.
  • Create agreement between employee and manager.
  • Create honest, engaging and competitive work.

Business Process Management Design

Be a SaaS company easy to buy from and sell for.

What you get:

  • Inspect Quote to Cash (QTC) process.
  • Look for pricing, legal, or customization type of delays.
  • Establish simplicity and flexibility standards.

What it does for your business:

  • Quote to cash fuels excellence (source McKinsey).
  • Remove impediments to revenue growth.
  • Incorporate proven QTC standards that fuel growth.

Smart Technology Systems Design

Too much technology and sales reps never meet with customers. Too little technology and sales reps waste countless
man-hours on non sales tasks (66% according to main sales studies).

What you get:

  • Investigate data quality causes.
  • Explore user adoption practices.
  • Inspect how IT systems support the way you work.

What it does for your business:

  • Minimize #1 on-going challenge for IT projects.
  • Improve one of the top challenges for IT projects.
  • Institute systems which support revenue growth.

Talent Assessment Design

How well does your team adapt and manage, from executive level to staff is critical. Mismatch talent and your innovative blueprint of your SaaS business will suffer from significant execution problems.

What you get:

  • Classify growth mindset per roles.
  • Determine EQ to soft skills capacity.
  • Match capabilities to revenue growth goals.

What it does for your business:

  • Begin with a ‘make-it-happened’ attitude.
  • Support individuals to ‘Drive’ respectively the plan.
  • Ensure foundation of consistent revenue growth etc.

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