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Project - Market Strategy

Changed local soft skills education franchise's strategy, where increased leads by 2900% and revenue by 36%.

Project - Communication

Coordinated global tech division's on- and off-shore project teams and gained more than 300% revenue growth.

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Project - Build New Practice

Established and built services company's enterprise practice with initial 43 projects and more.

Mike is very knowledgeable and a true professional with many years of experience. His great presentation skills and the ability to deliver under pressure without slip-ups always impressed me. Mike is very passionate at what he does and receives my highest recommendation as a team member or a leader. It was amazing to see him close over 43 IT projects in 14 months

Jawad Ali

President & Founder at Rubix Consulting Inc.

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Project - Re Focus Growth

Pivoted training simulation company strategy towards a more profitable target market for 100% revenue growth.

Project - Re Focus Sales

Influenced manufacturer's sales team to buy-in with new sales strategy to gain 5% annual growth in a declining market.

Project - Brand Awareness

Raised software development company's innovative solution brand to raising sales skills for 350% revenue growth.