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Newsletter Jan 2021

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Spark Performance Breakthrough


January 30, 2021



01: Finding Your Spark

02: Trifecta Growth

03: Here to Serve

04: Resources

05: Final Word

Finding Your Spark

Learn to Achieve Revenue Growth

This bEffective newsletter is designed to guide you in developing the ‘right’ elements for success. For example, ‘how to’ expand your growth mindset. Or prepare a strategy that works for everyone. Through to creating an inspiring work environment. Or establish a supportive workflow. And engage people (staff and clients) to buy-into it. Finally, ensuring you employ the right technologies to enables it.

For each of these elements, what’s the right element is grounded in the works of Peter Drucker, often regarded as the founder of modern management. For instance, he stated: “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

bEffective’s strength is helping you find your spark, or your performance potential. From there, we help you define the gap or what you need to bridge for achieving your performance breakthrough.

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." source: former US President Calvin Coolidge.

As this is bEffective’s first edition, it is a preview to the different methods that we will use to demonstrate the right elements of success for you. The methods will range from an article or blog, stories, links to other 3rd party experts through to sound and videos.


Your final success is what you make of it as above picture demonstrates. As children demonstrate, keep an open mind with no fear of failure and enjoy upcoming newsletter designed for your success.

Trifecta Growth

Simply Put: Plan, Do & Review

For individuals and business, growth traditionally follows similar trifecta of planning, putting it into action and reviewing it. Yet, as a group many of us never seem to get to the finish line.

Thankfully, the past is behind us in this regard even the mistake a minute ago. And it is never too late to learn from these mistakes and not make them anymore. The future is a mystery and certainly the world being caught off guard with the pandemic virus is indicative of this fact. This is maybe why they call the ‘here and now’ a present. From here and now the dreams, goals and your spark can create the future you seek.

What bEffective will endeavour to outline on our website is the devil is in the details for planning, doing and reviewing while simplifying as much as possible as well as injecting some fun. For example, it continues to amaze us how we lauch ourselves into our sports and hobbies yet fail to do so regularly at work. Part of the reason is that business environments as a whole keep changing the rules. Therefore we will demonstrate through our website, newsletter and other avenues how to set it right and have fun performing at work as in sports.

Here to Serve

Learn How We’ve Helped Businesses Like Yours

bEffective is here to serve you, in-line with the best of inspiring leadership through the ages. Where we help you define and communicate your innovative blueprint for success. For your blueprint to work it must be open to candid dialog. While it must also lay out clear roles and accountability. Then we can ensure your mindset is ready to act boldly. But note that a success path usually looks like a zig zag route from above. Therefore it is important to put in place performance score-keeping just like your favorite sport to keep you on-target.


Imagine for
a moment that your blueprint can give you:

"the ability to execute a strategy so well conceived, understood and embraced by all that it almost guarantees a successful outcome, even against the odds.".


A Repository of Emerging Best Practices

Currently bEffective’s resources menu choice is in stealth mode. When it becomes available soon it will include reports on emerging best practices. It will also comprise of 3rd party expert insights and more such as videos and presentations. Each medium highlights one detail require to improve your planning, execution and review. We will expand upon each area to rewire your organizations for excellence and avoid McKinsey & Company’s statement that in their global enterprise experience: “Most organizations are wired for mediocrity.” Each area will provide you with emerging best practices, standard operating procedures through to the latest techniques.

Planning: Will review, for example, one ingredient that is often missing in business revenue growth planning or: inspriring leadership with a plan soliciting stakeholder feedback and how to keep score.

Execution: Will review, for instance what processes need to be fixed and how to engage, earn buy-in and gain performance accountability.

Review: Will analyze the data and processes to properly make adjustment to your innnovative blueprint, people, processes and technology.

Final Word

bEffective is an iterative project open to feedback

Thank you for allowing bEffective to help you and your business. bEffective’s strength is finding your spark and helping you transform, innovate and improve your performance. Where we can further serve in a number of offering to fit your quality, budget and speed expectations. Or if you wish to do it on your own, then check out our upcoming resource section. If your need is now, then contact us.

For you as a business, or individual

We look at how to improve and ensure consistent revenue growth. The key engine to do so is marketing and selling your offer. And the best business score keeper is reviewing your cash flow.

Finally our road map going forward is to first expand on the biggest challenge of any business today – sales. But it is more than that like what is the plan, process, talent and related technology elements.

Meantime all the best and stay safe.

Spark Performance Breakthrough

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