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bEffective consistently seeks out evidence, studies, research, facts or a simple story to illustrate the value of our trifecta messaging or focus on elements of each trifecta areas of: revenue growth methodology, measurable sales focus or consistent cash flow

Chewy reported a 45% growth in revenue in the quarter

“Regardless of whether we were in a pandemic or not the secular shift that we were enjoying and executing behind was all driven by the value proposition that we bring to the space,” Chewy CEO Sumit Singh told CNBC after reporting 45% growth in business. (Hint a revenue growth model may be in place.)
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Zoom once again quadrupled its revenue year over year

The company reported $777.2 million in revenue during its third quarter, well over 4x its revenue from the same quarter last year. Admittedly their revenue growth methodology will need to address “higher-than-usual customer losses” through to the eventual return to in-person work. (Hint a revenue growth model is not in place.)
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Making Sales in 2021 and Beyond

If there’s one thing that’s true about 2020 it’s that everything changed. From our personal to professional lives, we’ve had to make adjustments that weren’t always comfortable at the moment.

For sales, 2020 brought on restrictions and social distancing, leading to less face-to-face interactions and remote sales. However, reports show more than three-quarters of buyers and sellers favor remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions and only 20% of B2B buyers say they hope to return to in-person sales, meaning remote selling may continue well past 2020.

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Finding a balanced business attack

Every business, regardless of size or industry, is dependent on cash flow. … Your assignment: Figure out how your business will make money in a new way next year and beyond.
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How the Sales Conversation Impacts Sales Productivity

You may have read how many surveys state that 60% or more of the buying process has been completed prior to meeting with your salespeople. That said at this point of the buying process they don’t want to hear how great you are, prospects want a value-add conversation. Can you deliver?
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The Best Ways to Hire Salespeople

Many firms talk about talent management, but few deal systematically with a basic fact: average annual turnover in sales is 25 to 30%. This means that the equivalent of the entire sales organization must be hired and trained every four years or so, and that’s expensive.
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Essential SaaS Trends for your business and clients

SaaS is a software distribution model that offers a lot of agility and cost-effectiveness for companies, which is why it’s such a reliable option for numerous business models and industries. It’s also popular amongst businesses for its simplicity and user accessibility, security, and the widespread connectivity that serves to streamline business models, resulting in maximum efficiency across the board. Today, most companies are in the process of implementing various business intelligence strategies, turning to SaaS BI tools to assist them in their efforts.
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