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How to Gain Sales Performance Breakthroughs
Without The Pain of Objections

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Now selling today may be perceived as something negative

The negativity is “Fake News” regarding the honor of the profession. But maybe not so much in terms of its execution today.

It was not always so. For that matter, to sell is human.

To begin with, learning to sell is critical in life and work. The negativity is not helping anyone, either you, the client, or the vendor.

To reiterate, people buy from people, and to sell is human.

More formerly, Professional Selling is:

“The holistic business system required to effectively develop, manage, enable, and execute a mutually beneficial, interpersonal exchange of goods or services for equitable value.”

Note: ASTD published this definition in 2009.

Nowhere in the above definition is anything about today’s preferred selling method to connect and pitch. Instead, a salesperson must follow a system, where much of it today can be enabled by technology from lead to close. But what remains at the core is the intangible “Art of Selling.” It takes practice to improve upon this art for establishing your and that of your company for its authority, empathy, trust, and expertise.

Therefore professionally selling is much more than connecting and pitch. It is really about educating about the value of an exchange.

Before you get all anxious about this topic …

… Consider that the top business priority of any business today is the following three business sales objectives for 2022 – see Sales Mastery Research Findings.

  1. capture new accounts |
  2. increase account penetration |
  3. optimize lead generation.

It remains much the same as years past.

Back to Basics?

As a result, it is high time to get back to basics regarding selling professionally; more on that in my next post. In that post, I will lay out your action steps.

In life, for instance, you both want to go out to see a movie. But you want to see an action movie. At the same time, your partner wants to see a romance movie. So enter the negotiating zone, where each of you educates the other about the value of your respective choice. Eventually, one of you proposes a no-brainer offer.

Similarly, you, the client, have a problem that you don’t want at work. The salesperson may have a solution that you want. What comes next is the art of the question, diagnosis, and possibly an education about your solution (IF you do have, in fact, the solution). If you have the solution that the client wants, all that remains is a compelling offer that is a no-brainer to approve.

Until next time! 🙂

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