This paraphrase headline is the result from Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit 2012

Does your organization currently have a formal technology measurement program in place?

The aim of the Summit was to help multibillion dollar and global organizations – answer the question and – navigate the center of change to deliver business value, growth and transformation. The answer outlines the importance to focus on your core competencies, both business and with technology. Something that should be mirrored in your organization’s Innovative Blueprint The message targeted large, global and enterprise organizations, but it applies to all organizations as a worldwide business and technology standard.

If multibillion-dollar organizations have challenges navigating change, imagine what your firm faces. The way organizations guide their technology investments and the influence they have on business remains disconnected. This disconnect prevents their technology investments from producing business value, according to Gartner.

However you manage your technology investments, your technology investments must focus on the behaviors that direct change and support decision-making by business leaders.

“We’ve witnessed a change in mindset, execution and delivery of technology. The value of technology is not simply ‘doing technology.’ But rather how it helps expand your business.

"How does it support senior executives to respond to business threats and opportunities” said Mr. Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner.

Mr. Burke suggest that “technology leaders must shift their focus to create working and measurable results. These results address specific business goals and work with other business and technology disciplines such as: Business-Process-Management (BPM), Program and Portfolio Management (PPM), Business-Information (BI), finance and human resources. Doing so leverages their efforts and move to value-driven technology.”

Gartner grouped five types of technology results. This will help secure your technology investment carry out business value, with the right balance of resource investment (time, energy and money):

  1.  Measured Results -  Measure the direct influence of technology on the business. Currently, 44 % of organizations worldwide have metrics evaluating their technologies. A minority focus metrics on whether needed results help develop their technologies. Often organizations measure what a technology team does rather than gauge the technology’s impact on the business.
  2. Workable Results - are about driving change. It needs a direct link to business results and participant needs. These results present business executives with decisions to make or specific actions to take. It moves the business toward a future state. Because workable results invoke some change, while measuring – did the recommended change occur or not?
  3. Diagnostic Results - include models, needs and study tools designed to support your technology assets and business leaders. This support raises understanding of different decisions made in response to business disruption or business moment. Diagnostic results combine different views of a problem or opportunity to address a specific need. For example, a manufacturer trying to make a business and technology investment decision on a new market and product offer. Diagnostic results includes a representation of the critical affected business means using a business capacity model.
  4. Fulfilling Results - collects data. It is data to diagnostic results. It represent the business, people, procedures, information and technology. For years, this result was results of technology. Fulfilling results collects from existing data sources, such as achievement metrics, or a business procedure diagram from business procedure management tool.
  5. Operations Results - are artifacts. Technology practitioners help them define, communicate and run their technology program. These results define what technology practitioners "do," and on setting up technology goals and administration body. Examples of these working results are in the technology team charter, the technology steering committee and architectural review board charter.


bEffective 500+ technology projects (Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning) experience can help you gain all five deliverables.


Five Typical CRM Mistakes

1. Replacing manual silos, with automated silos
2. Aligning often conflicting, goals from sales and marketing functions
3. Failing to develop and acting upon CRM's 'actionable intelligence' reports
4. Failing to recognize CRM's evolving customer profile and journey.
5. Simply having implemented CRM is not enough.  You need to use it and review results from it.

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Business-Outcome Driven IT 

“We’ve witnessed a change in mind-set, execution and delivery of technology. The value of technology is not in simply ‘doing technology’, but rather in how it can help evolve the business and enable senior executives to respond to business threats and opportunities,” said Mr. Brian Burke, research vice president at Gartner

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CRM Returns $5.60 For Every Dollar Spent in the 1990's. 

CRM is a growing software category since early 2000. Now the return potential is $8.71. 

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