Contrasting the use of Measuring versus Scoring

The Innovative Blueprint section of this website introduces the idea of:

"The ability to execute a strategy so well conceived, understood and embraced by all that it almost guarantees a successful outcome, even against the odds."

The Secret Sauce section of this website suggests: what if work were similar to play? Bring the drive and motivation of organized sports to the organization so you can work like you play.

This section points to many details needed for achieving an organization’s purpose. For example, moving to point B from point A is usually a zigzag effort similar to a flight plan.


Therefore, you need to develop methods that often review your progress when moving from A to B. This section suggests a review or scoring approach similar to sporting events, rather than traditional business measurements. Traditional measuring done in organizations is poor and counterproductive.

"Only when we can successfully transform our measuring into something tangible, relevant, and useful do we allow management by measurement to take off."

For instance, can each team member answer the following question about the firm’s business plan, performance and results: “Am I, or our we winning, losing or what is the score?”

Sports scorekeeping’s main purpose is gaining agreement between player and coach about the plan, related performance and results.

Similarly in business, providing evaluation engages your team about when to review, what actions are needed (adapt or celebrate) and how much actions?

Many sources describe nontraditional business scorekeeping with the following sustainable characteristics:

  • All players accept the scorekeeping methods before playing.
  • The scorekeeping methods seldom change
  • The scorekeeping methods are objective
  • The methods allow for more than one winner. For example, consider a golf tournament, which can have winners for hole-in-one, longest yard and so on. A tennis tournament, on the other hand, produces only one winner.
  • The scorekeeping allows the comparison between an employee’s current performance and his or her own past performance, as well as accepted standard.
  • The methods are compelling. Players know the score during the game, which allows them to change their behavior to win before time runs out.


Gallup Inc. states:

Majority of employees strongly agree that their manager helps them set performance goals are engaged, compared with minority of employee  who strongly disagree with the statement.

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Goals Alignment

1. First, in recreation goals are clearly defined:
2. Second, in recreation the scorekeeping is better because it’s (1) more objective, (2) self- administered, (3) peer audited, (4) dynamic, and (5) it allows the player to compare current personal performance with past personal performance as well as an accepted standard.
3. Third, in recreation feedback is more frequent.
4. Fourth, in recreation participants feel they have a higher degree of choice
5. Fifth, in recreation they don’t change the rules in the middle of the game

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Do we Measure or Not:

NOT - Key performance is usually defined in "measures" of the past.  Keeping score of the present with an eye to the future is a better approach:
  1. Similarly in sporting events score keeping is accepted, objective, seldom changes and more.

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