Great managers (as defined elsewhere on this web site) foster high performance by motivating and caring. Such managers understand and connect with employees and their driving and internal motivations. They build genuine relations and confirm that they care – not just about employees' work lives but about their personal lives as well. Employees engage when frank discussions occur manager about anything. Or when managers invests in people rather than numbers.

For great managers, the crucial "soft" form of management come naturally, helping them connect with and motivate their employees. By getting to know their team members as people first, they take into account each employee's unique qualities while managing toward high performance.

Great managers keep frequent performance management exercises. Steady high performance frames regular work on the manager's part. Score-keeping is one of many specific exercise great managers make a habit of doing:


  • Goal setting: Employee performance goals should align with business plans at all levels. Great managers set and tailor goals with individual employees -- building ownership for organizational objectives among team members. Gallup recently found that

69% of engaged employees strongly agree that their manager helps them set performance goals, compared with 8% unengaged employees who strongly disagree with the statement.

  • Reliable and essential communication: Employees want their managers to be open and approachable. Employees feel recognized and supported with consistent communication. It helps build a productive workplace in which people feel comfortable enough to experiment, to challenge, to share information and to support others. Great managers ensure healthy communication, which is a behavior that fosters engagement. Employees engage three times more when meet regularly with managers compared with employees who don't meet with managers regularly.
  • Frequent discussions about responsibilities and accountability: Employees want more than a written job description – they want role clarity and how it aligns with others' work, normally and during times of change. Though helping employees understand their responsibilities might seem easy, it takes talent to do it right. Great managers don't just tell employees what's expected of them. They often talk with employees about responsibilities and progress. Instead of keeping yearly performance conversations, they provide constant evaluation, which engages employees. Gallup analysis from 2013 shows that 50% of employees engaged and who strongly agree that their manager holds them accountable for performance, compared with 3% who strongly disagree.

Clearly, great managers have it in their power to take their team's performance to new heights.  

For effective performance management, organizations need these high-talent managers and their performance-driving practices. Firms also need organized procedures and reliable metrics to expand this ideal performance management. 

bEffective is here to help you with both your leadership development as well as staff roles and scoring needs.


Gallup Inc. states:

Majority of employees strongly agree that their manager helps them set performance goals are engaged, compared with minority of employee  who strongly disagree with the statement.

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Goals Alignment

1. First, in recreation goals are clearly defined:
2. Second, in recreation the scorekeeping is better because it’s (1) more objective, (2) self- administered, (3) peer audited, (4) dynamic, and (5) it allows the player to compare current personal performance with past personal performance as well as an accepted standard.
3. Third, in recreation feedback is more frequent.
4. Fourth, in recreation participants feel they have a higher degree of choice
5. Fifth, in recreation they don’t change the rules in the middle of the game

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Do we Measure or Not:

NOT - Key performance is usually defined in "measures" of the past.  Keeping score of the present with an eye to the future is a better approach:
  1. Similarly in sporting events score keeping is accepted, objective, seldom changes and more.

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bEffective helps  individuals or organizations seeking to "transform their goals into reality." We analyze first your current situation.

Our analysis will constrast your current work environmenet against the benchmark for 21st century business performance.  We defined some of these world-class benchmarks on our frontpage and framework menu items.  Briefly, how do you engage, motivate and do so within a technology integrated strategy!

Our initial analysis can begin inexpensively by proceeding to Schedule bEffective or Contact bEffective to set up an introductory 30 minutes. Should we agree to a deeper analysis of your needs . Then we have set up easy-to-buy service modules that are specific and goal oriented, either for individuals or for enterprise clients, go to Buy Now menu choice.  Alternatively we can send you a traditional quote or proposal.


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