bEffective’s premise begins with its founder Mike Reardon and his background, experience and skills for managing people and getting results. This web site seeks to expand from expressing personal experience into sound business wisdom. Will expand doing so by adding experience from others such as individuals like Mr. Augustin, Mr. Hogle, Mr. Miller, Mr. Harter, Mr. Pink, Mr. Coonradt, Mr. Carnegie and so on, or enterprises like CSO Insights, Nucleus Research, Accenture, SBI and so on.

Each of us have unique value to contribute to an endeavor, in my experience. There are strengths and weaknesses associated with anyone’s value. For example, bEffective's founder Mr. Reardon accepts Patrick and Jeremy’s suggestion that his strength is not writing. Please enjoy, however, the messages and offers of help on this web site enable by the strength of others in writing.


For starters, you can review Mr. Reardon’s specific experience and value in the porfolio section. This section will expand over time inclusive of case studies.

WHY bEffective?

Perhaps it begins with the know-how to be effective before the advent of technology. It expands with passion to be effective with  technology’s promise. Certainly it comes with the realization of how technology deeply disrupts effectiveness in all things. Short tweets (or texts), a fast-moving world and ever-changing needs represent this disruptive trend. It can lead to dysfunction and it seems that is has. bEffective is your source to be effective with technology's promise, which is not going away according to the evidence. bEffective aims to be your practitioner in helping you develop an effective, productive and exponentially successful business. Unlike other consultants, we help you practice and get the results we preach.

bEffective’s website seeks to uncover a eureka-like moment for you. Hopefully many of these moments will arise for you after quiet evaluation of the evidence outlined on this site. See the Website section summaries below to get a flavor of what is to come in each thread of ideas. A new age of business, trust and closing business is upon us. What we thought works is changing. What does social science know that businesses does not apply? We outline what you can do today as you must adapt. And bEffective helps you do it with decisive actions when you are ready to act on such a eureka moment.


First, take a deep breath and recognize many in your workforce and clients simply disconnect from your business. To grow and profit, how we engage must change.

Gallup's research confirms the link between engagement and performance at the business or work unit level is great and generalized across a company. Who engages your team?


Delving deeper into many research studies reveals that managers account for at least 70% of variance in engagement scores across business units. CSO Insights with Accenture studies outline how business performance results have been dropping yearly since 2007. What issues lurk around leadership quality? Gallup studies may point to a hint. Their studies find that organizations fail to appoint the candidate with the right talent for the job 82% of the time.


What in the morning drives you and your team? What on a Monday morning has employees raring to go? The answer will surprise you. Money has no engage value as reported by science.

How we motivate is transforming as well. We need to change how we motivate people with 21st century methods rather than 20th century methods. Briefly aligning individual motivation with organizational motivation is a beginning. While disruptive nature of technology has hasten the need to be more effective with human value. Half of the Fortune 500 since 2000 are gone according to Gartner for failing to incorporate strategic value of technology. Even so some leading lights working in the 20th century knew exactly how best to motivate. Dale Carnegie for one, author of “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” describes methods that transcend his time to ours.


bEffective helps you improve team engagement now and later. We help expand your manager’s positive impact on engagement and related performance. We transform your company within a creative scheme. Eric Beaudan of the Ivey Business Journal asks how much it’s worth to you to develop a model that your team carries out so well it almost guarantees results against all odds? bEffective makes it possible when you involve, collaborate, foster understanding and gain your team’s buy-in.

Transforming your business results into reality with such a model is twofold. First, this model development is sequential with a pinch of collaboration. All business departments must align, keep score and interact with one another, while your automation assets support them and the team.

Second, such a model goes nowhere without the right talent. Talent is the other 50% effort. bEffective helps you redefine your model and talent planning to win.


The Game of Work by Mr. Charles Coonradt presents innovative and positive ways to keep score and motivate employees. Many traditional performance measurements are typically negatively perceived. They tend to report the past rather than current work. Many consider Mr. Coonradt the father of gamification of the workplace for his positive methods of engaging employees and keeping score of performance.


Technology investment is strategic. Gartner research company advises large and global firms about how this investment must focus on supporting behaviors that drive results. This advice serves all. Automating what does not work will get you nowhere.

How do you glue together engagement with right leadership and motivation? How do you include support of your “Ideal Blueprint” and scorekeeping? bEffective helps you answer these questions.



bEffective helps  individuals or organizations seeking to "transform their goals into reality." We analyze first your current situation.

Our analysis will constrast your current work environmenet against the benchmark for 21st century business performance.  We defined some of these world-class benchmarks on our frontpage and framework menu items.  Briefly, how do you engage, motivate and do so within a technology integrated strategy!

Our initial analysis can begin inexpensively by proceeding to Schedule bEffective or Contact bEffective to set up an introductory 30 minutes. Should we agree to a deeper analysis of your needs . Then we have set up easy-to-buy service modules that are specific and goal oriented, either for individuals or for enterprise clients, go to Buy Now menu choice.  Alternatively we can send you a traditional quote or proposal.


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