Our library of comprehensive resources outlines key business principles and practices.

These resources will help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) avoid the typical failure rate in the first five years and provide SMEs with a path to sustainable growth set at their pace.


The resource articles are framed within three levels: Macro, Intermediate, and Micro.

The Macro level will explore the foundation of your business’ guiding light. For example, we aim to gain your understanding of strategy. Strategic planning is not a strategy. Specifically, we review how to make the choices to create the proper and effective strategy. The choices are based on the data source for market analysis, industry trends, and economic outlook.

The Intermediate level considers how best to transform your strategy into daily operations. To begin with, how do you inspire, engage, and influence your people stakeholders? It starts with your customers and your team. We will establish proven premises for fostering a culture of innovation to drive growth. Meanwhile, we will define how best to measure performance and adapt to changes.

The Micro level is all about the “devil in the details.” Traditionally, organizations measure only the details using financial measures. However, we note that economic measures are laggard indicators. Effectively, they occur after the fact or execution. What small and medium enterprises (SMEs) need today is much more. What’s changed now is that we are all in a fluid, fierce, and competitive marketplace. Effectively, the customer is king! The customer controls the revenue section of your business’s income statement. They have more control than ever, and we must work hard to earn their business. So, we explore how to make it easy for them to buy. As we do so, we establish how to ensure our talent is up for the task. We need to make it easy for them to sell.

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