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Accelerating Growth for an Innovative Driving Simulator Company

Discover how we helped Virage Simulation transform its strategy and achieve remarkable growth. (5-minute read)

Summary: Challenges of a Growing Startup

Virage Simulation is based in Montreal. They are a company specializing in designing and manufacturing professional driving simulators for trucks, cars, buses, and specialty vehicles, faced significant challenges. Despite their innovative products, as a startup with fewer than ten employees, they struggled with:

The Problem: Strategic Direction and Sales Challenges

Our client faced several key issues:

  • Unclear Growth Path: The startup entered the market without a well- defined strategy. This led to scattered efforts and stagnant growth objectives.
  • Sales Shortfalls: Limited sales resources and lack of a focused sales approach hindered their ability to capture market opportunities.
  • Resource Constraints: As a small team, they needed help to allocate resources effectively to drive growth and scale operations.

These challenges prevented them from realizing their full potential and achieving their business goals. Frustrated by these obstacles, they hired bEffective to help them chart a clear path forward.

Our Approach: Developing a Strategic Growth Plan

To address these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive approach:

  1. Strategy Development: Conducted a thorough analysis of their current situation and market opportunities to develop a clear, actionable growth strategy. Converted analysis into a PTW (Play to Win) approach to define a unique strategy.
  2. Transforming Strategy Into Operations: Established a focused sales playbook, including targeted market segments, sales processes, and reliable forecasts to improve sales effectiveness.
  3. Resource Allocation: Helped them optimize their limited resources by prioritizing high-impact activities and improving operational efficiency.

Leveraging our strategic planning and sales optimization expertise, we guided Virage Simulation through each step, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate improvements.

The Results: Significant Growth and Enhanced Sales Performance

Our strategic approach led to impressive results for Virage Simulation:

  • Revenue Growth: Achieved a 40% increase in revenue within the first year. Opened government rehabilitation opportunities in Canada and earned opportunities from leaders in US transportation such as US Xpress and related training organizations such as National Training.
  • Sales Performance: Improved sales effectiveness, resulting in a 50% increase in lead conversion rates and seven-figure revenue growth.
  • Operational Efficiency: Enhanced resource allocation and operational processes, leading to better overall performance and scalability.

These results addressed their immediate challenges and positioned them for sustained growth and long-term success.

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