Local Dale Carnegie Franchisee

Transforming a Stagnant Marketing Strategy into a Growth Powerhouse

Discover how we helped our local franchisee of a global firm achieve remarkable results in just six months. (5-minute read)

Summary: Marketing Challenges of a Professional Development Franchisee

Our client, a local-global professional development and training firm franchisee, faced significant marketing and sales challenges. The franchisee is based in Montreal. Despite being part of a well-known brand, they struggled with:

The Problem: Struggling with Brand Positioning and Lead Generation

  • Inconsistent Brand Messaging: Their marketing efforts needed a cohesive brand message, leading to confusion and missed opportunities.
  • Ineffective Lead Generation: Traditional marketing tactics failed to attract and convert leads, resulting in stagnant sales.
  • Under-utilization of Digital Channels: They were not effectively leveraging digital marketing channels, missing out on potential customers.

Cost of Problems: These issues impacted the client’s profit margins. The missed potential revenue was stalling their business growth, and they were losing market share to competitors. Frustrated by the lack of progress and
eagerness to turn things around, they hired bEffective for our proven expertise in transforming marketing strategies.

Our Approach: Crafting and Implementing a Cohesive Marketing Strategy

To address these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive and cohesive marketing strategy:

  1. Comprehensive Marketing Audit: We began with an in-depth audit of the client’s current marketing efforts. We identified gaps and inconsistencies. Uncovered how their clear and compelling brand message can better resonate with the local target audience. Strategy Development: Leveraging our findings, we developed a tailored digital marketing strategy that aligned with the client’s business objectives and goals.
  2. Lead Generation Campaigns: Designed and executed targeted lead generation campaigns using a mix of digital channels, including social media marketing, email marketing, and SEO.
  3. Digital Marketing Optimization: Optimized their digital marketing channels to enhance their online presence and attract high-quality leads. Implementation and Coordination: We executed the marketing strategy across all identified channels, ensuring consistent branding and messaging. We set up a content calendar to streamline efforts. We maintained regular communication with the client’s audience. We adjusted the strategy as needed. Continuous monitoring allowed us to make real-time adjustments.

We leveraged our expertise to guide the client through each step, ensuring a smooth transition and immediate improvements in their marketing efforts.

The Results: Significant Improvements and Business Growth

Our strategic approach led to impressive results for our client:

  • Revenue Increase: Achieved a 36% increase in revenue within six months.
  • Improved Lead Generation: Generated 2900% more leads through targeted campaigns and optimized digital marketing.
  • Enhanced Brand Positioning: Established a solid and consistent brand message, improving brand recognition and customer engagement.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): The client experienced a 250% ROI on their marketing spend within the first six months.
  • Franchise Rank: For the first time in decades, the local franchise ranked in the Top 30 out of 298.

These results addressed their immediate marketing challenges and positioned them for sustained growth and success.

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