Our Approach

Our approach emphasizes collaboration.

We can customize it to our client’s organizational culture. Customization includes the practical application. It also consists of a framework for continuous improvement. Combining this approach guides clients to achieve their strategic objectives. The results drive long-term success.

  • The sequence of our approach begins with a needs assessment.
  • We then help confirm or optimize the client's strategy. The goal is to align their strategy objectives and organizational context. Our approach necessitates a collaborative partnership foundation.
  • We work closely with key stakeholders on this foundation. If we do, we develop practical, sustainable, and culturally aligned strategies with the client's organization.
  • Of course, the next step requires implementation support. We guide the client through the execution of strategic initiatives, operational improvements, and organizational changes.
  • Following implementation, we work with the client's stakeholders to drive continuous improvement. Throughout the engagement, we focus on transferring knowledge. Where for instance, we help build internal capabilities within the client organization.
  • The results empower the client to sustain the improvements achieved together and continue applying independently.

Our Focus Areas

Business challenges are as diverse as the solutions to them.

Our approach focuses on the core pillars that define success: Strategy, Operations, and People. Discover how we leverage these areas to steer businesses towards their full potential.


Seeing Beyond the Horizon

We dive into the heart of your business, identifying opportunities hidden in plain sight and mapping pathways to innovation and growth.


Turning Gears into Gold

Efficiency is our mantra. We scrutinize your processes to ensure every action propels you closer to your goals, transforming routine operations into strategic assets.


Cultivating Champions

At the core of every great business are its people. We nurture your team's spirit, ensuring they are aligned, inspired, and ready to excel in their roles.


bEffective’s Education section is a growing library of resources for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Many of Peter Drucker’s teachings have our spin on how they would evolve in the 21st century. SMEs will find that our Education resources comprehensively understand fundamental business principles and practices.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

– Marshall Goldsmith


bEffective’s business consulting is delivered based on the different needs of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at various levels. Additionally, the levels are affected by SMEs’ mindset, i.e., open or not to growth. However, what is familiar to all SMEs is that we are all served by the right mentor, coach, or trainer. Our business consulting services can be short or long-term. It is similar to today’s top athletes in running, swimming, and other sports. The difference between being number one and number twenty-five is 1/100th of a second. Therefore, suitable Delivery for an SME can make a difference in small or exponential growth.



Gain on-demand access to expert guidance and resources at your own pace with our cost-effective mentoring program, designed for SMEs embarking on their growth journey.


Small Group

Enhance specific skills with personalized coaching sessions for individuals or small groups, focusing on targeted areas like effective prospecting in concise half-day formats.


Large Group

Empower your team with comprehensive training on key business topics, such as revenue growth strategies, through our interactive, multi-day onsite workshops.



Achieve your unique business objectives with our bespoke consulting service, offering a tailored mix of mentoring, coaching, and training to drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

A La Carte Audits

bEffective’s designed its business audits to be collaborative. The results are swift analyses. However, they provide a comprehensive insight into your company’s operations. These audits often reveal both hidden success sources and challenges in plain sight. The audit’s goal is to bring to light the critical aspects of your business, allowing for informed decision-making and strategic improvements.

  • Strategy Audit
  • Operations Audit
  • Performance Audit


Mike is an experience professional with a great understanding of how business drivers and real application solutions fit together and can be maximized to benefit both his client and his firm. Mike is a real professional with vast experience in the areas of Sales, Management and IT. He is able to manage short and long term goals and objectives with (realistic) expectation of deliverables. He is a marvel at growing revenue two-fold every time!
Peter J. Robinson
Sales Director of North America, Microgen
Mike is very knowledgeable and a true professional with many years of experience. His great presentation skills and the ability to deliver under pressure without slip-ups always impressed me. Mike is very passionate at what he does and receives my highest recommendation as a team member or a leader. It was amazing to see him close over 43 IT projects in 14 months
Jawad Ali
President & Founder at Rubix Consulting Inc.

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