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About bEffective Consulting

bEffective is founded by Mike Reardon

  • The core of someone can usually be traced back to a specific incident from their life that was a defining moment.  Now you can have several.  The incident which vividly stands out as having a significant impact on who I am today follows:   It is when I determined, planned, decided and then acted upon making the senior basketball team, without having any prior basketball experience or skills.  Long story short,  I made the team.  And it was a team that won the city championship and went on to participate in the provincials.
  • The foundation of my experience is the traditional premise of the profession of selling.  By definition, a true sales professional identifies the problem.  They serve the client by listening, understanding, and empathizing.  They likely challenge or educate the client with suggestions of available and possible solutions which may include their own.  I sold, led, implemented and built solid business relationships for more than 30+ years.  Along the way my experience expanded through selling B2C and B2B innovative solutions: from electronic components to simulation and mostly enterprise SaaS business solutions.  Did so mostly in North America with notable successes in Europe and Asia.  Primary B2C markets served were usually younger generation (whatever flavor of the day from Gen X to Millennials).  Primary B2B markets served were resources to services but mainly manufacturing, distribution, finance, government and healthcare. As I did so extended my experience and skills further into strategic planning, leadership, people engagement, business modeling (process mapping or BPMN standard), and tech know-how.  Where I mentored, coached or trained others ‘how-to’ do the same.  I do the same for you should you opt in to our newsletter.
  • What makes me, and now with other colleagues at bEffective different from other competitors begins with the facts sourced through research or audits.  From there we help you create a plan, be it individual or organization.  The right plan will help you with gain everyone’s buy-in.  Hence deciding on who does what, where, when, and how becomes straightforward with no politics.  All you have to do is act, which almost always guarantees the expected results.

bEffective Services

  • bEffective services are accountable in at least three areas of your business.  For one, we help your revenue grow based upon an effective marketing and sales investment.   If the percentage of marketing and sales from revenue is too low, then we endeavor to make the most of it creatively.  If the percentage is average or higher, then it requires effective structure to improve profit returns.  For two, we help you effectively gain your top sales objectives by how your business can be improved rather than simply winning deals. By way of evidence analogy, the best championship teams won based upon improving rather than a winning focus.  For three, we help you gain a healthy cash flow or predictor of long term success.  How best to make the best use of technology is the main tool to do so.

  • Like the name, the outcomes of our services is to bEffective: be it marketing to sales strategy and everything in-between.  From these strategies what’s the daily plan or  tactics?  Is everyone bought in?  If so, then you will get the expected outcomes.  We help you engage your team to bEffective.   Meantime are your  people supported by the  right processes, and related decisions. Notably most organizations are wired for mediocrity per McKinsey & Company research. So, we help you model your  processes  to bEffective.  Then we help you ensure supporting technology does the same.

  • The core to grow revenues is sales.  Doing so cost effectively improves cash flow.  Yet, according to the CSO Insight’s “Sales Effectiveness Study:” overall sales effectiveness has generally been on the decline since 2012.” They believe one reason for this is the persistent focus on technology being the answer, as opposed to a tool to facilitate the answers.  So why bEffective, we help you do it the ‘right’ (as the father of management science, Peter Drucker would say). From strategy on down and when it comes to technology it must work the way your  strategy, people, process defines and not the other way.

bEffective Mission

  • bEffective exist simply because it is time for change.  Check out suggested changes in various parts of your business subscribing to our newsletter. When is it time for a change? You think about it all the time, especially during the pandemic timeline.  You are bored or overwhelm.  You get feedback to work on your weaknesses.  You don’t feel valued.  You’re getting no joy from work.  There is more.  And the best place to start is at the top given The World Economic Forum reported: a startling 86% of respondents to its survey on the Global Agenda agree that we have a leadership crisis in the world today back in 2015.   Responsive and Responsible Leadership was the call in their 2017 report (long before the 2020 pandemic) noting back then that we are living in a world marked by uncertainty, volatility and deep transformational changes.  The trends in 2020 continue with the goal of addressing the demand for change, recently outlined in the Entrepreneur magazine.

  • bEffective therefore is built on the principles beginning with what leadership impacts or what is your vision?  How is this communicated?  What is the related strategic plan?  How does it engage people, clients and staff? What are the related processes and decision framework?  How is it acted upon daily? What or how will technology support it?  bEffective is founded on helping you find your spark and expand upon it with these principles for gaining performance breakthroughs.

  • bEffective recognizes that others have written about the spark of a few such as the book “Good to Great.” Even this book outlines how challenging it is to stay great once you get there.  bEffective understands to get there and stay there is a matter of consistency, while keeping it simple.  For example, keeping an eye on your marketing and sales investment, sales effectiveness and resulting cash flow are critical.  How digitizing these areas is critical and an important foundation.  Leading virtually now is a thing but it always was from on high.  Now it also has to drill down locally, along with being inclusive, collaborative and adaptable.   bEffective expects to helps clients with the foundation which can be customized to each organization locally, nationally and internationally – leading to change worldwide where everyone is contributing their spark to the global mix.

About You

  • We begin with the fast growing and deep SaaS market as our primary target market.  That said we have already worked in a number of industries.

  • We help those who want to ‘really’ be helped and are committed to change, act accordingly and push it forward, primarily organizations but individuals as well.

  • We are here to help you gain a return on your marketing and sales investment, expand out your sales effectiveness, while keeping related costs affordable.

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